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Real transformation takes time, but you’re not in this alone.

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I am Marzia

For over 20 years, I have been supporting couples and families like you to:

  •  Manage internal and external stressors that challenge your relationships
  •  Have more fulfilling relationships
  •  Manage in-laws and extended family issues
  •  Manage conflict and improve communication
  •  Parent more consciously
  •  Build intentional families

I am a Psychotherapist, Author, Relationship Consultant and Creator of courses and programs to help you build strong relationships and families The Being Better Together is an evidence based approach to building relationships that is grounded in science and guided by spirituality. Yes, it can be challenging in the 21st century to find, keep and build relationships that are strong, healthy and mutually supportive. AND we have more resources today than ever before to do so.

I would be happy to guide you on this journey.

Here is my bio with information on training and qualifications